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Empowering Women for Menopause, Midlife & Aging Well

"We are what we think. All that we are, arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts, we make the world"
- Buddha (563c.- 483c. BC)

About FemmeWellness

The creation of Femmewellness in 1997 at the age of 40, has been a continuous journey of Education and Involvement. Interest and Challenge over the years has covered many fields, including Health, Beauty, Fashion, Wellness, Power, Fitness, Lifestyle and Nutrition.

Physical and Emotional Wellness is a Challenge that Confronts us all in our Lifetime. Acceptance of the Changes with Ageing may be an important factor towards Sustaining Positive Wellness through the Stages of our Lives.

Menopause Training

Combined Unique Wellness Programs with Menopause Training, Products and Services, may be methods to deal with many Menopausal, Mid Life and Ageing Issues.

Programs of Wellness, Strength, Exercise, Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle may have a positive effect for many women to achieve Emotional and Physical Wellness.

Lisa Cecchin- Menopause & Midlife Training Consultant

Reg PAA. M Psychology. Dip Nutrition. Dip Cosmetician
Dip Finishing & Modelling, 5 Australian Records 2011.
Australian Master Powerlifting Champion 2011.

For queries including - Products, Services, Information, Referrals, Wellness Programs and Training.

Enquire at:femmewellness@iprimus.com.au
Location:Melbourne, Australia

Designed Wellness Programs

Designed Wellness Programs may prevent Issues regarding Muscle Weakness, Osteoporosis, Prolapse, Incontinence, Light Bladder Leakage and much more.

Programs, Products and Services

Kick Start Programs or choosing Specific Programs with Products and Services to suit ones needs, may encourage participation to improve Health and Happiness.

Features of FemmeWellness

Herbal & Garden Guidance, Clean Food & Clean Cooking Options, Posture, Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, Relaxation Massage and Self Massage Techniques. Breathing, Balance, Facial Exercises, Trainaways, Non Contact Box Fitness , Nutrition and Lifestyle.

Strength & Nutritional Guidance may assist with:

Menopause * Mid Life * Ageing Well * Hormonal Balance Strength * Increased Metabolism * Improved Cognitive Skills Blood Circulation * Nutrition * Energy * Weight Loss

Lose the "meno tummy" & "meno armour" and have more Energy for what you would like to do in Life!

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What Interests or Challenges You?

Having Fun with Zodiac Horoscopes to Retail Therapy.
Purchasing  the  latest  Gym  Wear  to  High  End  Fashion.
Enjoying an Old Movie or the Latest Release.
Listening to Music. Dancing. Reading. Travelling.

Spoiling your Children or the Special Person in your Life. Pampering your Pets.     New Technology or Gadgets.
Cars,   Toys,   Special Gifts,   Cards,   Candles,   Soaps,
Essential Oils,   Art,   Old  World  Charms,   Craft,   Sewing,   Architecture,   Furniture,   Photography.  
Wellness Retreats,   Pamper Weekends,   Gym.

A New Business Venture               Options

Choosing a New Career, Finance or Insurance to suit.
Perfume,   Waxing,   Nails,   Hair,   Make Up.
Petite Makeovers to a   Complete   Cosmetic   Overhaul.
Entering a New Relationship or Redefining an Old One.
From Diets to Clean Food Options.        An Adventure.

Moderation May be the Key to Sustaining A Healthy Lifestyle.

From indulging in your favourite Chocolate, Coffee or Herbal Tea to Fine Wine, Champagne or Vintage Port.
Cooking at home or Experimenting with a New Recipe.
Buying Takeaway to enjoying an evening at your Favourite Restaurant.        It may be Wise to Avoid Over Consumption.

A New Beginning         Continually Learning

We all make choices in our lifetime, and along the way we may need to find the courage to change. We may all have the potential to experience something new or positive to add to our lives.
By understanding our issues and taking action to resolve them we may achieve a more positive, enjoyable and productive future.

Keeping Women Educated, Informed, Well & Strong

In all walks of life keeping women educated, informed, well & strong may be essential in achieving results. FemmeWellness covers Corporate/Business Women to Domestic Engineers. Offering words of encouragement and guidance.

Plan For the Changes In Your Life, Be Ready For A 2nd Chance.

If  your Yearly Resolution is to Lose Weight, Reduce Debt or Enjoy a Well Earned Holiday, Planning and Preparing may be Key Factors.

Trying to do the Best we can, with What We Have, May Not be Easy to Achieve.

Being Responsible for Our Actions and Choices in Life, may keep us Strong for Any Challenge in the Future.

Positive Health * Positive Environment
Respect * Repair * Recycle * Renew